The VisionBe a reputable organisation in the provision of health, HIV and AIDS management and enhancement of quality of life in South Africa.

The Mission StatementTo promote and implement integrated health, HIV and AIDS programmes through collaboration with strategic and operational partners to ensure access to quality services and contribute towards better life for all South Africans.


See what some of our program participants have to say about our company. We take great pride in ensuring the highest standards.

Ashly Mpapele

I finished school in 2008 and I wanted to become a police officer, which I applied for but was never accepted so I was unemployed and I was sitting at Home doing nothing. One day my father approached me and told me about a film school that Friends for Life has arranged for 20 individuals, that I happen to be part of. It was a whole new journey for me because I never had any background in Film Television. I became a student and I did practicals and theory in production. I was interested in learning about Camera and its operations and how things are done behind the scene including lighting.

Nande Ulana

I want to use this opportunity to say thanks to Friends for LIFE, Big FISH and National Lottery for giving me a stage to learn about film industry and I enjoyed and absorbed all the knowledge, may our Lord Jesus Christ bless you all and give you the power to help many people as u can. NDIYABULELA BIG FISH, FRIENDS FOR LIFE AND NATIONAL LOTTERY NDITHI ENKOSI KAKHULU THANK YOU.

Kholofelo Maluleke

From so far I will love to thank friends for life and big fish for the opportunity they have given me from away to Limpopo to here, where I have learnt a lot up to so far. Big Fish gave me hope in my life, I am so happy that you guys made me realise what I am capable of that I never realise I can be good at you also made me how important and hardworking I can be. I don’t even know how to say and thank you guys what u made me proud of I wish I could get a chance again to can do it again I really I enjoyed your accompany. ALL THOUSANDS THANKS TO FRIENDS FOR LIFE program (ARTS for LIFE) AND BIG FISH you really brought hope and confidence in my life.