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Friends for Life, was originally established in 1981 by a group of gay men because there was a need to highlight the plight of people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS, the organisational stuff was composed of Mark Decker, Steve Megan, Venesh  Murugan , Grace Mnguni and its board members was Judge Edwin Cameroon, Mary Crew, Jenni Marcus. Services that were available to people at that time, only revolved around the prevention of HIV/AIDS and not much on giving care and support for the infected and affected.

During the period organisation such as FFL were already in the rugged field of enlightening the people and the community at large about the impending health hazards, which could bear devastating outcomes.  Since 1991 FFL had already started developing and formulating actions towards the provision of knowledge and information about HIV and AIDS. FFL had undertaken linked prevention, care and support for those already infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.  Friends for Life has carried on this path for the past 22 years, as an organisation we have adopted ways of upgrade and cultivate new paths and strategies, such as the introduction of quality care, support services and HTS services including care for orphans and vulnerable children.

In 1994 Friends for Life in partnership with IUPHC, Isibane youth group and National Department conducted a research cost effective HBC programmer, in 1999 the outcomes of the research were presented to the parliamentarian and HBS was seen as a most cost effective programme. In the year 2000 FFL ceased its operations and re-registered again under leadership of Ms Lulama “Nomgca” Sulupha.

In 2002 the Ireland Aid organisation development project resulted in extensive progress in improving the organization’s structures, procedures and systems, staff management, and monitoring and evaluation of its services.  Friends for Life was appointed by the Chief Director Ms Margot Davids and HOD Mr. Bheki Sibeko to administer School uniform fund for other NGO’s and contract was signed on the 4th May 2006.  Gauteng Department appointed Friends for Life in 2003 – 2012 to administer the stipends of HTS Counsellors based in region E and part of region A.

Friends for Life in 2004 presented at the Gauteng Aids Conference about service provided for children and how best to respond to them. FFL was documented as the best Home/Community based Care practices in June 2004 under the National Department of Social Development and national department of health by NICDAM.   On the 19th – 23rd May 2005, Friends for Life participated on 10th International Toy Library conference that was in Tshwane Pretoria.  Friends for Life, was appointed by Gauteng Department of Health to administer stipends of Lay Counsellors’ for Region E and part of Region A.

Friends for Life worked with youth on HIV and AIDS/TB, crime prevention programme which was presented at AIDS conference in 2008, as a poster presentation documented by Sphindile Magwaza, who is now employed at CDC.  Friends for Life clients under Crime prevention programme took part in a documentary called “Lunchbox Bullies” conducted by KIKA Productions broadcasted on SABC, for bully children in Alexandra in 2009.

In 2012, Friends for Life conducted three days Traditional Leaders’ summit focusing on opening doors for alternative HIV/AIDS mitigation strategies. The summit was attended by traditional Leaders from all nine provinces and champions in the HIV and AIDS sector stakeholders. We also forged partnership with CONTRALESSA and House of Traditional Leaders.

Friends for Life conducted a program called Umdlezana for all pregnant women through Alex Clinic and local Municipal Clinics that were based in Alex, it was more on educating pregnant women especially those who test positive, including women who were in abusive relationship; it helped them to connect with their unborn child and adhere to PMTCT programme, cope with postnatal stress disorder and be able to continuously attend the schedules appointments at ANC e.g. PCR at birth and  after six weeks and 18 months

Management Team


Lulama Sulupha


Virginia Malete-Ndala

Programs Manager

Susan Ramovha

Financial Manager


Dr. Molebatsi Violet Setati


Deputy Chairperson

Adv Mamiki Thabitha Goodman (nee'Shai)


Emily Masemola


Eleanor Mpapele


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